Rhodia is a splendid restaurant recently installed in the Bourdelle Museum in Paris.

In homage to Antoine Bourdelle’s daughter

This is the event associated with the reopening of the Bourdelle Museum. A café-restaurant is opening in one of the sculptor’s former workshops, on the first floor of the renovated workshop building. Called Le Rhodia, in homage to Antoine Bourdelle’s daughter, it offers a lively and comforting menu, enriched with nods to the artist’s life. Behind the concept, Jean-René Chassignol, the founder of the “ISANA” restaurants, promises cuisine that lives up to the ambitions of the new museum.

A stone’s throw from the Montparnasse tower, the Bourdelle Museum is one of the nuggets that Paris has in store for strollers. Between workshops and gardens, it is in this enchanting setting that Le Rhodia sets its tables, to invite visitors, workers and residents of the neighborhood to a gourmet disconnection, from breakfast to early afterwork.

Rhodia bourdelle

An healthy approach to cooking

Decorated with reliefs and busts of Antoine Bourdelle, the restaurant terrace is an integral part of the visit to the museum. Similarly, the Rhodia room is part of the history of the Bourdelle family: the decor was designed by decorator Michel Dufet, a figure of Art Deco, after his marriage in 1947 to Bourdelle’s daughter.
The Rhodia menu changes with the rhythm of the day of the week and the seasons. The menu and the menu feature common sense cuisine that gives pride of place to ORGANIC ingredients (100% cereals and legumes, 70% fruits and vegetables) well-being and gourmet proposals such as the golden latte or eggnog and highlighting local craftsmen. At Rhodia, everything is homemade!
Jean-René Chassignol defends a responsible and healthy approach to cooking. A cuisine that is both omnivorous, in tune with the times and which gives pride of place to legumes. The menu is updated regularly to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables. The Rhodia welcomes you during the opening hours of the Bourdelle museum, Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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