Fleurivore is the unique concept of a bouquet of entirely edible and tasty flowers, invented by a parisian flower shop.

Both ornamental and edible bouquets

Fleurivore is the first bouquet of flowers that is both ornamental and edible. It is admired with its touch of wild decoration and devoured when you feel like it. The Fleurivore bouquet is made up of beautiful local, ecological, untreated and tasty flowers. Each flower of the bouquet is accompanied by its recipe card and its botanical diagram indicating the edible parts that you can cook.

Edible flower

Far from being a simple florist, Fleurivore offers both ornamental and edible bouquets. Amandine and Blanche, the two entrepreneurs, wanted to democratize this commodity too often reserved for gourmet restaurants. It was therefore in 2018 that Fleurivore was born and they began to invade our plates with their delicious edible flowers… And beware, who says edible flowers says from wild or untreated, local and seasonal harvests, delivered to bicycle or electric scooter throughout Paris.

Edible flower

Flowers from from small French producers

The particular flowers chosen with care all come from small French producers. Wishing to develop the local economy as much as possible, the bouquets are only composed of organic and untreated French flowers from short circuits. From April to November, the flowers come from Île-de-France, while it is more in the Var that florists get their supplies in winter. Fleurivore calls on both traditional horticulturists and those specializing in foliage and edible flowers.

Edible flower

Copyright photos : Fleurivore

The Fleurivore workshop,
4, rue De Belzunce,
75010 Paris
09 86 27 04 84


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