Entrevaux, Camped on its rocky outcrop, on the edge of a meander of the Var, benefits from an exceptional natural setting.

A perched village over the Var valley

Once you have crossed the drawbridge, you will discover a charming village with picturesque streets dotted with old houses, as well as a Gothic cathedral sheltering a magnificent Baroque decor.
Dominating the roofs of the village, the perched citadel, built by Vauban in 1690, can be visited after taking the fortified zigzag ramp accessible from the village. In addition to the discovery of the fortifications, a superb panorama of Entrevaux and the Var valley awaits visitors !
Entrevaux is a feast for the eyes, an invitation to dream in a fairy tale setting. Surmounted by an imposing citadel and surrounded by steep slopes and terraces planted with olive trees, this perched medieval village stands guard over the Var valley and the river which flows at the foot of its fortifications. The site is impressive. A high bridge spans the river and leads you to the vaulted guardhouse flanked by two towers from which you enter this authentic fortified city.

The mysterious allure of the Middle Ages

The narrow and dark alleys express all the mysterious allure of the Middle Ages and ignite the imagination. The tall houses are narrow too, as are the unrealistic stairs.
Balconies, old doors, fountains and squares, a sundial from 1572, so many things to see. The tourist office provides a walking tour so that you don’t miss a thing. And be ready to walk….
Do not miss the medieval festivals of Entrevaux, full of entertainment, which take place in July in the old village.


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