Bréhat is an archipelago located in Brittany, a simply magical place nicknamed the Island of Flowers thanks to a unique mild climate..


A veritable archipelago

Ten minutes by boat from the tip of Arcouest in Ploubazlanec to Bréhat and you are in another dimension. Here time stops! Mild climate, colors, landscapes… let yourself be bewitched by the magic of the island of flowers.
In reality, Bréhat is multiple. It is a veritable archipelago made up of several hundred islands and islets of varying size. The island itself is made up of two islands linked together by a stone causeway built by Vauban for strategic reasons. These two parts present very different faces. All year round, the archipelago benefits from the influence of the Gulf Stream, which provides it with a particularly mild microclimate in winter. Many varieties of flowers color the island : exotic plants such as agave or echium; flowers such as hydrangea, mimosa, mulberry, eucalyptus, aloe or camellia… But the flower that most symbolizes Bréhat is the agapanthus, which blooms from April to September and brightens up the paths with its soft shade of blue-mauve. Introduced by an ambassador who brought it from Cape Town, South Africa, the plant has spread from garden to garden.

The national collections of agapanthus and echiums

Bréhat now houses the collection and the National Conservatory of Agapanthus which includes more than 300 varieties.
Walking through the streets, behind the high stone walls you can make out flower gardens of agapanthus and hydrangeas. A few years ago, the gardening tradition was very strong. The locals made their own cuttings and flowered the mounds. Today it got a little lost. But some initiatives aim to maintain this vegetation and make it known and appreciated by the general public: the establishment of the eucalyptus route will soon make it possible, by following signs, to discover several different eucalyptus trees. Plantations carried out with the precious help of the Island nursery (pépinière). The island nursery specializes in all plants from the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and from the Atlantic islands closer to home (Canary Islands, Madeira Islands, etc.). It offers many varieties of agapanthus which are resistant to -15/-20°C .

A varied and rich heritage

On the sound side, it is the song of tits, finches, robins and other song thrushes that will charm your ears in the spring. Something to inspire the glass craftsmen settled in the heart of the old citadel which overlooks the sea just a stone’s throw from the port! You will find a unique choice of stair balls, furniture knobs, door handles that will give your decor its little arty note.
While browsing Bréhat, you will discover a varied and rich heritage which constitutes the imprint of a maritime but also military history which marked the island. Indeed, it provided the crown of France with many corsairs who caused terror to reign in the Atlantic. On land, there are monuments such as the Pont ar Prad built by Vauban to connect the two islands forming Bréhat and a citadel which today houses the Verreries de Bréhat.
Like many Costa Rican ports, the port of La Corderie was the starting point for a flotilla of Newfoundlanders bound for the seas of Newfoundland to fish for cod and whales. The Bonaventure was the first known ship in Europe to return from Newfoundland with the holds full of cod in 1508, 16 years after the “discovery” of the Americas by Christopher Columbus.

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