The Ile de Batz, located in Brittany, benefits from an exceptional microclimate which has earned it the nickname of Oasis Breton.

The Ile de Batz,
The Ile de Batz,

An agricultural atoll

In Batz, you can only travel on foot, by bike or… By tractor ! Because the particularity of the island is to be as much a maritime land as an agricultural atoll.
This deeply original island is home to a community of farmers and fishermen whose activity punctuates daily life and shapes the landscape. A real vegetable garden on the water where cauliflowers, carrots, fennel, shallots, salads grow… and an early potato that connoisseurs snap up on the markets of the region. But what is so special about the vegetables from the Ile de Batz? An inimitable flavor of iodine thanks to goëmon. This algae that the sea provides in abundance is a natural fertilizer. If we add to this that Batz benefits, thanks to the Gulf Stream, from a microclimate of rare mildness, we understand that everything grows on the island… Including exotic plants! On Pen-Ar-Cleguer point, the Georges Delaselle garden lists 2,500 species of plants including cacti, palm trees, Canary date palms, Maori trees… A real Breton oasis.
The Ile de Batz can be discovered along the way.

The Ile de Batz,

A microclimate of rare mildness

Whether on foot or by bike, it is impossible to get lost on the island. From East to West, from North to South, the landscapes are very diverse and there are many points of interest.
At the western tip, the site of the Trou du Serpent offers the vision of a wild landscape and in stormy weather an incredible spectacle. From the top of its 44 meters, the lighthouse dominates the island and allows to admire a vast panorama on the channel and the coasts of the continent.
To the east, the ruins of the Chapelle Sainte Anne emerge from the sands of the dune which extends to the foot of the Jardin Georges Delaselle, a veritable oasis of exotic plants.
The heart of the island is occupied by the agricultural area while to the south, the cove of Pors Kernoc offers an excellent anchorage for the fishing fleet. Because the island of Batz is a dynamic island where agriculture, fishing and tourism, actively participate in the island economy.

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