Raphael Glucksmann, Member of the European Parliament, has just released a new advocacy book, “The Great Confrontation – How Poutine is waging war on our democracies”.

Raphaël Glucksmann

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Member of the European Parliament

Raphael Glucksmann is the son of André Glucksmann, the author of The Cook and the Man-Eater and the Master Thinkers, initiator with Bernard-Henri Lévy and a few others, of the New Philosophers in the mid-1970s. Walking very young in the political and philosophical footsteps of his father, Raphaël Glucskmann, who mobilized alongside Saakashvili during the Rose Revolution in Georgia, then Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev, during the Maidan demonstrations, is today left-wing member of the European Parliament, where he created a Special Commission on foreign interference in the European Union.

Raphaël Glucksmann
Raphaël Glucksmann

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A “crazy dependence”

In a powerful book, The Great Confrontation (Allary éditions), MEP and essayist Raphaël Glucksmann explains “how Poutine is waging war on our democracies”. A plea to escape from a corrupt system and a blindness which has led the European Union into a state of “crazy dependence” and to “regain control over strategic sectors”. “This is the story of the secret war waged against our democracies. It is the story of corrupt elites who sold out to foreign powers hostile to our principles and our interests. This is the story of the great confrontation with Vladimir Putin’s Russia that our leaders did not want to see coming but from which we can no longer escape. In these pages I will not invoke morality or great principles, but security and sovereignty. » Raphaël Glucksmann is an essayist and MEP in the Place publique party. He chairs the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Foreign Interference. He is the author, at Allary Éditions, of Génération hangover (2015), Notre France (2016), Les enfants du Vide (2018), Letter to the generation that will change everything (2021).

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