The Magic Flute, Mozart’s emblematic opera, is directed by French director Cédric Klapisch, a great first for him.

the magic flute

A reading focused on nature

Cédric Klapisch takes his first steps at the Opera. The Magic Flute, by Mozart, is a journey from darkness towards light, the director slips from the family chronicle to the initiatory fable. For this production, he chose a reading focused on nature. A forest of blue trees and red vines that sometimes sparkle, then a utopian city with contemporary architecture : on the set, the settings are refined, the bold colors, the light and projected digital images invite you to dream.

Composed a few weeks before Mozart’s death

The Magic Flute is a unique work although it is part of the tradition of Singspiel, the German version of what in France was called comic opera and whose particularity is to mix spoken dialogue and singing. A page as mysterious as it is fascinating, it was composed a few weeks before the musician’s death. The libretto by Schikaneder, Mozart’s brother in masonry, has long lent itself to all interpretations: symbolic story, allegorical tale, popular fable, magical comedy… Everyone will find their Pamina there. Beyond that, there remains the music of Mozart, all imbued with swirling lightness where laughter, emotion and gravity alternate brilliantly.

A long journey from childhood to adulthood

This long journey from childhood to adulthood, from adolescent emotions to love, can only resonate with filmmaker Cédric Klapisch. A first for him at the opera and the opportunity to slip from the family chronicle to the initiatory fable. At the desk of his musicians from Les Siècles, the brilliant François-Xavier Roth and at his side, some of this extraordinary generation of French singers of the moment. Faced with this sacred monster of opera that is Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, Cédric Klapisch tried “very sincerely” to respect the work while making it resonate with current events. Cédric Klapisch tried “very sincerely” to respect the work while making it resonate with current affairs. “That’s what’s interesting about heritage works. To see why they are eternal, why they still resonate with today’s world. For me, that was the goal.” If the sung parts are in German, the filmmaker brought his touch of humor by translating the spoken passages into French from 2023. A way of being closer to the audience.

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