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Marie-Antoinette invented organic cosmetics !

A French pharmacist has embarked on the manufacture of natural products inspired by those of Marie-Antoinette, from the gardens of Versailles

The last days of Marie-Antoinette at the Conciergerie

Throughout its existence, the Conciergerie has welcomed many members of royalty, it is also where Marie-Antoinette spent her last days.

The dramatic wedding of Marie-Antoinette

Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were married in May 1770 in Paris. But, their nuptials weren't as happy as they hoped. Indeed, during their marriage 132 people lost their lives.

Sofia Coppola’s Versailles

Sofia Coppola, in her film "Marie-Antoinette" friends in the spotlight Versailles, we tell you some anecdotes from filming.

The scandalous affair of the Queen’s necklace

To win back the favors of Marie-Antoinette, Cardinal de Rohan undertakes to offer the Queen a sumptuous necklace. But the queen is not the queen... A state scandal begins.

Marie-Antoinette’s passion for music

Marie-Antoinette was very fond of music. A French author has just released a book and tells more about the musical tastes of the Queen.

What was Marie Antoinette’s favorite food ?

It is said that Marie-Antoinette only pecked, but she still had favorite dishes.

Marie-Antoinette back in Versailles

The Palace of Versailles has just acquired a portrait of Marie-Antoinette, missing for 100 years and rediscovered by chance.

The story behind the “passage of the queen of Hungary” in Paris

When you walk rue Montorgueil, in Paris, you can be intrigued by the name of this passage above this imposing green door: "Passage of the Queen of Hungary".

Nina’s, Marie-Antoinette’s tea

Nina's is such a lovely place. Since 1672, NINA’S Marie-Antoinette has been the only house to offer products made from fruits and flowers from the King's Garden of Versailles.

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