It is said that Marie-Antoinette only pecked, but she still had favorite dishes.

The cabbage can

It is said that Marie-Antoinette hardly touches the dishes: She prefers to have lunch in private in her apartments. She particularly appreciates boiled or roasted poultry, as well as fish and pâtés. Her favorite dish was the cabbage can. She also likes fruit, eggs, cheese (especially those from Trianon). She had a weakness for sweets: chocolate in different forms (vanilla, blackcurrant…), biscuits, glasses of sugar water, orange blossom… The Queen only drank water brought from the town of Avray by cars and in pewter bottles. She couldn’t bear that of the Seine.

Marie-Antoinette favorite food

Small bird soup

Marie-Antoinette also delighted in the “small bird soup” at the Countess of Provence’s: “After visiting her little farm, her animals, her garden, she returned to Versailles with huge bouquets of flowers and all the little birds which she had caught in the net. These were intended for a soup that was prepared, not in his kitchens but in his apartments […]” Souvenir of a page at the court of Louis XVI, the Count of Hézecques, 1873.

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