History of Cremieux street in Paris

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This is one of the most popular streets of Paris on Instagram, beacause of Its colored facades and lovely houses but do you know the history of this street ?

The most picturesque street of Paris

This picturesque street is famous for its colorful little houses which differ from the Haussmann style of most Parisian streets. Indeed, when we walk on the cobblestones of this small pedestrian street, its colors reminds the Portobello Road in the Nothing Hill district of London. This lane was designed on the model of the English pavilions in the workers’ housing estates, with a kitchen in the basement and two floors comprising six rooms. In 1854, the French entrepreneur, journalist and banker, Moïse Polydore Millaud, created the Compagnie générale immobilière for the purchase of land in Paris, and notably acquired the rue Crémieux in 1865. At that time, it was then called avenue Millaud. In 1897, it was renamed rue Crémieux, in homage to Isaac Moïse, known as Adolphe Crémieux. This French lawyer and politician, member of the provisional government of 1848, will become notably famous for the decree of 1870, which bears his name. In fact, on October 24, 1870, the Crémieux decree gave French nationality to the 37,000 Jews of Algeria. On the other hand the Rue Crémieux also bears the mark of the flood which touched Paris in 1910. In fact on January 28 this hundred-year flood saw the waters of the Seine rise to 8.62 meters on the hydrometric scale of the Pont d’Austerlitz. A street that attracts both Parisians and tourists Rue Crémieux is also one of the most photographed streets in the French capital, despite certain signs displaying a prohibition on photographing street residents from the windows. Indeed, some of the latter have appealed several times to the mayor of Paris to stop this incessant ballet of tourists and bloggers. Others prefer to make fun of this situation by showing the backdrop of the photos taken by visitors and the absurdity of certain breaks on the “Club Crémieux” Instagram account.

rue cremieux street
set of pink paris photographs by French Glimpses (Etsy)
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