Lily-rose depp, égerie de chanel pour sa dernière campagne de pub

This mythical perfume bottle was born in May, the fifth month of the year, it is this date that is at the origin of its name.

Its creator, Coco Chanel thought that the number 5 would bring him luck, time has proved her right, 100 years later, this perfume is still so legendary. Marylin Monroe said that she perfumed herself with a few drops of Chanel 5 every night to help her fall asleep. Legend has it that Coco, the creator of Chanel originally wanted to create this perfume for her only personal use. An unpretentious concoction that she would have had in Grasse. Coco Chanel had, in reality, an idea in the head: to create the event. she was spraying her new perfume like nothing close to her friends, her clients ….

The mystery aroused envy and the marketing queen scented the right vein. After having kept the secret to create the desire of those around her, she would have made Number 5 the olfactory signature of her person, her evenings, her fitting rooms, her clothes … before marketing the perfume.

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