As in every big city, Paris has given birth to many mysterious stories. Among them, that of the ghost of the Tuileries, named the little red man…

Tuileries garden in autumn
an alley in the tuileries gardens in Paris

A ghost at the Tuileries

In 1564, Catherine de Medicidf, queen of France by her marriage to Henri II decided to have a palace built as an extension of the Louvre. But there is an old tile factory dating from the Middle Ages (hence the name of the Tuileries Gardens) and above all a slaughterhouse in which a man named Jean L’écorcheur works. He refuses to leave the scene and threatens the queen to divulge secrets about her if she forces him to leave. According to legend, the queen had the butcher murdered in order to solve the problem. The latter, before taking his last breath will have said “I will come back!” “.

The return of the little red man

green chairs in the tuileries garden
Tuileries Garden

Indeed, a few days later, the astrologer of Catherine de Medicis, Cosme Ruggierri informed the queen that while he was busy working on the astral theme of the latter, he had seen appear in his office a red fog from which arose. a man covered in blood. Catherine de Medicis does not believe a word of it and takes her astrologer for a madman…. Until the day the ghost appeared before the queen’s appalled eyes a few days later … Traumatized by this apparition, the queen goes into exile in Blois to escape it. It is said that the little red man appeared before the assassination of Henri IV and before the death of Louis XIV. Marie-Antoinette also claims to have seen him in her room after arriving at the Tuileries. The ghost continued to appear from time to time in the Tuileries Palace until it was destroyed in 1871. During the fire, several witnesses saw a little red man appear and evaporate in the flames …

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