The building itself is a work of art. Built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition by the architect Charles Girault, The Petit Palais is one of the 14 museums in the city of Paris.

An architectural piece of art

We take full eyes as soon as we entered the Petit Palais. The entrance hall of the petit palais is a true work of art. It contains 4 Symbolist-inspired panels produced by Albert Besnard: they symbolize mystique, plasticity, thought and matter. Another breathtaking element of the building: The dome. Created by architect Maurice Denis, it traces the history of French art with the help of portraits of the greatest artists and their most famous works. We are also struck by the clarity that reigns in the Petit Palais, it is due to Charles Girault‘s desire to design spaces only lit by natural light, so he created glass roofs, transparent domes and large windows.

inside of the petit palais

A wide artistic panorama

In terms of the works of art that appear in this museum, the collections offer a broad artistic panorama from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century. During your tour, you will be able to see great names on display (Cézanne, Monet, Courbet, Pissaro, Carpeaux, etc.) alongside exceptional objects (glassware, jewelry, pottery). The rooms devoted to furniture from the great French monarchical eras are also, in addition to being original, very interesting.

the hall of the petit palais, paris

Art Nouveau period

A significant place is also given to Art Nouveau. On the lower level you will find a large number of icons from the Eastern and Western Christian world, as well as antiquities from the Greek and Roman world. Finally, do not forget, during your journey, to observe the delicacy of the architecture of the palace. The vaults, ornaments, and stained-glass windows deserve special attention, in particular the magnificent staircases of the palace. Note that entry is free for visiting the permanent collections.

the painted ceiling of the petit palais of Paris
window of the petit palais, paris
a statue in the petit palais of Paris

Petit Palais de paris

avenue Winston Churchill

75008 Paris

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