The Fraisier cake is a classic French dessert created by Lenôtre, in 1960 in Paris, It’s delicious ! Here is the recipe :

Ingredients (8 people)

Genoese :

4 eggs

125g flour

90g sugar

1 half sachet of baking

powder Muslin

1kg of red label strawberries

50 cl milk

150g butter

100g sugar

4 egg yolks

55g maizena

Vanilla pod

Step 1 :

Genoese :

Put the whites with the salt in the food processor and make them snow, then add the sugar in a fine rain.

2nd step :

Put the yolks one by one while continuing to beat and put the sifted flour.

Step 3:

Butter a mold and bake the preparation at 180 ° C in a preheated oven 3 min.

Step 4:

Pastry cream: heat the milk with half the sugar and the vanilla pod.

Step 5:

Blanch the yolks with the other half of the sugar and add the cornstarch.

Step 6: Pour the hot milk over it, stirring and return to the heat and turn until thick.

Step 7: Put the cream to cool.

Step 8: Put the cooled cream in the beater and beat. Add the butter and your mousseline cream (you can put pistachio paste) is ready.

Step 9: Cut the cooled sponge cake and put in a circle the sponge cake and strawberries around the entire outline.

Step 10: Be generous with cream and strawberries. Close with the other sponge cake and tighten well with the rest of the cream. Put a little coloring and cover your cake.

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