Meert is first and foremost the specialist in the northern brown sugar waffle that General De Gaulle enjoyed. A shop is now open for gourmets in the Marais district in Paris.


Meert’s story

Meert‘s story begins in 1761 when Monsieur Delcourt moved to a chocolatier in Lille, in the north of France. The address will quickly become a must, thanks in particular to the ice cream made by Mado de Rollez. In 1849, the Belgian Mickael Paulus took over the business after 5 years spent in the colonies in cocoa, sugar cane, vanilla and sugar plantations. Also rich in a career with the largest confectioners in Europe, he already developed numerous pastry sweets and created the famous waffle filled with vanilla, leaving his name to the famous boutique.


The meeting place for gourmets

The shop will see a number of artists, heads of state, such as General de Gaulle or Marguerite Yourcenar. Finally, with numerous prizes won at national and international exhibitions in London, Brussels and Paris, Meert multiplied and opened several other boutiques, the last of which was in the Marais, in Paris. In this beautiful building on rue Elzevir, near the Picasso museum, you can feast on marshmallows, chocolates, cookies …

the famous waffle

Blond , thin, oval and stamped in the middle, the Maison Méert waffle is instantly recognizable. They are baked between two waffle irons then cut out with cookie cutters and garnished by hand with vanilla cream. The recipe, which has remained unchanged for more than 250 years, gives tasting a crunchy-soft pleasure recognized by many generations* of gourmets. the brioche dough is filled along its entire length with a “butter, sugar and vanilla from Madagascar” recipe. You can buy it individually in or in packs of six or twelve pieces, recognizable by their golden packaging.

chocolate boxes in Meert shop


16 rue Elzevir

75003 Paris

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