Guillaume Canet returns to the cinema with “Him”, his new movie as a director and actor, on October 27, 2021 in France.

A prestigious cast

Guillaume Canet interprets one of the main roles of “Him”, which he shares with a prestigious cast. In this film, he also stars Virginie Efira , Mathieu Kassovitz, Laetitia Casta, Nathalie Baye, Patrick Chesnais and Gilles Cohen. Guillaume Canet’s last film to be released in theaters dates back to May 2019, it was “We will finish together“, which attracted 2.8 million viewers.

Him, new mobie by Guillaume canet

In this film, Guillaume Canet plays a composer in search of inspiration, who has just left wife and children, thinks of finding refuge in an old house on the side of a cliff, on a deserted Breton island. In this strange and isolated place, he will only find an out of tune piano and visitors determined not to leave him alone. Guillaume Canet stages with grinding humor the neuroses of a character plagued by many identity disorders. Claiming the influence of Bertrand Blier of “Cold Buffet” and “Merci la vie”, the filmmaker travels through disturbing fictional territories and signs an original film, strange yet with very funny scenes.

He was labeled a narcissist

This film is a kind of autofiction, Guillaume Canet drew on his intimate life for Him. His double on the screen is exactly the same age as him, he has been in a relationship for fourteen years, as is the case with Marion Cotillard (credited in the credits as artistic collaborator) and he maintains with his father the same relations that Canet has with his.

As a result, he was labeled a narcissist by some French film critics. “The problem is, I don’t have the chance to have the roles that I would like to have. As an actor, there are a lot of directors whose work I really like, but apparently it doesn’t. I don’t want to make movies as an actor that I don’t like. So I’m a little frustrated as an actor overall. deprive when I have a good role – a character who is my age and who is close to me – under the pretext that we are going to say that it is narcissistic. At one point, it is my job to play. Free to people not to go see the films ” he declared on France inter radio.

After “Him”, Guillaume Canet’s next film will be his adaptation of the adventures of Asterix, “Asterix and Obelix L’Empire du Milieu”. A film whose shooting, which had been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, has just ended.

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