His audience had been waiting for him for 8 years. He is now back with his new title “Santé”.

Apart from a duet with Orelsan and a featuring on the Coldplay album, Stromae has been very discreet in recent years. After the success of his second album, “Square Root,” released in 2013, the singer faced burnout as well as several health problems, forcing him to take a career break. On his Twitter account, the singer announced the release of his new single “Health” using this formula: “For once, I would like to raise my glass to those who do not have one”, he was referring to all these heroes daily life which became even more essential during the pandemic (caregivers, firefighters, ambulance workers, garbage collectors, etc.).


But “Health” also counteracts the health problems suffered by the singer. The victim of serious side effects from preventive anti-malaria treatment, he had to withdraw from public life. Since Stromae is getting better he has become a dad and has created a clothing collection with his brother and is set to go back on stage in 2022.

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