It is so atypical to see a mill in the middle of the city, and yet there were many others in the last century, Moulin de la Galette is one of the last survivors.

One of The last survivor

With the Moulin Radet, it is the last survivor of the thirty mills that once adorned the Butte Montmartre. It is also the only one in perfect working order. Originally the function of the former mill was to grind the flour and press the harvest.

It also takes its name from the rye “Galettes” that were made there. In 1814, one of the millers was nailed to the wings of the mill for wanting to resist the Cossacks during the revolution. In 1870, it became a tavern known for its ball, then for its Italian restaurant where Dalida came to dine. The Moulin de la Galette, very frequented by painters, is represented in many paintings, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso and particularly by Renoir in the famous “le bal du moulin de la Galette”.

moulin de la galette, paris
Moulin de la galette, montmartre, paris

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