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Bring extinct animals back to life in Paris

The National Museum of Natural History invites you to live a unique experience in augmented reality to discover extinct species.

Where to see the most beautiful sunset in Paris ?

Laho is a rooftop, perched 60 meters high, a spectacular green setting in the sky to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Paris

Steve Mc Curry exhibited for the first time in Paris

From December 9, 2021 to May 29, 2022, the Maillol Museum in Paris will host a large-format retrospective of the most beautiful photographs by Steve McCurry, renowned contemporary press photographer.

A crocodile in the sewers of Paris !

If the sewers of Paris are used to meeting rats ,on March 7, 1984 their discovery is very different since they are in front of a crocodile !

Cole Porter in Paris show

Composer Cole Porter is one of the stars of this bustling Paris which, in the aftermath of the First World War, has become the new darling of scenic art.

Discover the secrets of chocolate in Paris with « Choco Story »

Choco Story is a museum dedicated to the history and making of chocolate. The museum is modern and informative, for parents and children. We travel around the place to discover the history of chocolate through illustrations, objects from the past and videos.

The Paris metro furniture at auction

Nameplates, analogue platform clocks, boards,turnstiles ... the RATP is auctioning more than two hundred furniture lots from the Paris metro,

Classic French cake recipe : Le Moka

Its name comes from the city where the first import port for coffee was located: Moka, in Yemen. Its name makes people travel but it is nevertheless in France that the mocha cake was invented. This cake is very easy to make and ideal for a birthday, here is its recipe

The myterious lake of the Garnier Opera house

Paris is a city full of well-hidden treasures. Among them is the lake located under the Opéra Garnier. Did you not know it existed?

Maison Ladurée for sale ?

For several months now, Maison Ladurée has been facing competition and declining sales. Then, the Covid-19 arrived, and with it an economic crisis which left the famous pastry shop on its knees. Tired of war, the Holder group, current owner of Ladurée, decided to sell this internationally renowned brand.

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