The Cathédrale Notre Dame ‘s doors are the subject of a mystery that has been whispered in Paris for more than 700 years and one of the great Parisian legends

Cathédrale Notre Dame

A pact with the devil

In the 14th century, the mission of decorating the wooden gates of the portal of Cathédrale Notre Dame was entrusted to the ironworker Biscornet. It’s an honor for the young man, but the deadlines are very short and he quickly feels overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ! In a moment of fatigue and despair, he even threw his tools on the ground, shouting: “To hell with it ! » : and it was then that he had an astonishing vision… The devil himself stands before him, offering him help in exchange for his soul: Biscornet cannot resist this temptation and signs the pact with his blood. A day before the supposed implementation of goldsmithery on the heavy wooden doors, Biscornet had not made enough progress. However, for several days he hasn’t slept…

Cathédrale Notre Dame

The doors refused to open

Exhausted and discouraged, he ends up closing his eyes in the middle of his work. When he wakes up, the ironwork is miraculously finished and of incomparable finesse. A real marvel of wrought iron ! Satan kept his promise. But oh surprise, on the day of the inauguration of the cathedral in 1345, the sublime doors of Cathédrale Notre Dame refused to open. The only way to unlock them is to sprinkle them with holy water. That same day, Biscornet mysteriously disappears… Even today, the realization of these extraordinary hinges remains a mystery. Perhaps this story was invented from scratch by jealous people, who could not believe that Biscornet had accomplished all this work without the help of the Devil, as the workload was colossal, and the result so well achieved.

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