A curse on rue De Bièvre in Paris ? If you walk around rue de Bièvre, you will see that number 1bis has been abandoned, here is the reason…

A strange gypsy

Shortly before the First World War, a provincial winegrower suddenly inherited a small Parisian bar, following the murder of the owner, who was stabbed behind his counter. The winemaker leaves without delay with his pretty wife to live at 1 bis, rue de Bièvre. One day, the man comes home and finds his wife at a table with a passing gypsy. The wife seems spellbound by reading the maps and the mysteries surrounding the wanderer. Jealous, the winemaker violently drives away the intruder with the help of his dog. The gypsy, offended, points the finger at the animal, muttering incomprehensible words and leaves. 3 days later, the dog dies in a moan of pain, seized by an illness as unexpected as dazzling.


Mysterious incantations

Mad with anger, the winemaker swears revenge: when the gypsy returns to the tavern, the owner grabs a knife and shouts threats at him. The gypsy points to the man again, muttering his mysterious incantations, then leaves. The winegrower died a few days later, stricken with the same illness as his dog… The neighbors claimed to have seen the pretty woman flee with the gypsy. The house remained abandoned until the 1940s, when German occupation soldiers checked it in… before dying of a strange and devastating illness. The building was demolished, which has since remained a vacant lot overgrown with weeds. Since then no one has dared to build in this place, invaded by nettles and weeds. Thus was born the rumor of a curse. Many other legends in this type were born in Paris like those of the red man of the Tuileries, or that of the Crocodile of Paris which you can also read on this website.

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