Listed as a Historic Monument, Mollard, a luxury brasserie offers you a unique and typical “1900” setting in Paris.

mollard brasserie

Fortunes were made in the district

This century-old establishment is one of the most beautiful and oldest brasseries in the capital. Ceramics, mosaics and Art Nouveau style ceilings, everything has remained in the style of the time. Thanks to the construction of the Gare Saint-Lazare, the district in which the Mollard brewery is located quickly became an essential address at the time. The district, then in full swing, developed very quickly. Good deals are negotiated there, and fortunes are made there. Maison MOLLARD was immediately a considerable success. Thirty years after his arrival, Mr. Mollard had earned enough money to undertake considerable work and create the most beautiful establishment in Paris in modern style.

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The most chic restaurant

In this year 1895, Maison MOLLARD created the event by becoming the most chic restaurant, and the most cutting-edge luxury meeting place, in the most modern district of all of Paris. He had specially brought mosaics from Italy, and asked the Sarreguemines workshops to create unique pieces for him on the theme of life around the Saint-Lazare station. NIERMANS – architect who produced LE NEGRESCO and ANGELINA, among others – had control of the entire production, made the designs of the mosaics himself, designed the models for the chairs, tables, light fixtures, coat racks, and even the cashier’s desk…

Cuisne by Joël Prodhomme

However, after the 14-18 war, most of the Mollard clientele had disappeared. The business was slowly dying. Deeming the decor too old-fashioned, and in order to relaunch the restaurant, most of the decoration was then hidden behind paint and large mirrors, which made it possible to preserve almost all of the frame intact for nearly fifty years. Only the central canopy collapsed in 1920. From 1965, it was decided to look for the old decorations, to remove all the paintings as well as the large mirrors : most of the decor had been preserved. All the great frescoes of the time have been restored, only one has been lost. Mollard has returned to its 1895 setting and its historical decor made of sea green, royal blue, gold tones, beige and brown marble on the large columns and all around the old mosaics. The only modern touches are the new little pink lounge, intimate and pretty. Today, its chef, Joël Prodhomme offers traditional French cuisine using fresh, quality products.

Mollard brasserie

115 rue Saint-Lazare 75008 Paris

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