Camelia Jordana has released a new album, FragileXfacile, in which she displays her feminist positions.

Camélia Jordana has been a household name with the general public since its inception over ten years ago. She is one of the rare French artists to shine as much on film sets as on major concert stages. This does not prevent him from taking risks and constantly seeking to surprise those who are waiting for her at the turn.

camelia Jordana

A fourth album

Her latest album FragileXfacile is an alliance of strong and sweet songs that speak as much of her daily life as a woman as of essential themes where her sense of feminism and independence triumph. Popular and assertive, Camélia Jordana sings about a world that refuses to be disillusioned and brings French song to life. Her particularly feminist commitment is felt more and more in the lyrics of her songs, which is not without bringing her some criticism.

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