When you think of Mickael Jackson, you can’t help but think of his legendary « Moonwalk. » Did you know that this dance was inspired by a French artist?

The French Charlie Chaplin

This French artist is the famous « Mime Marceau« . Marcel Marceau is one of the founders of the art of Mime, the theater of silence. This artist born in 1923, a big fan of Charlie Chaplin, has traveled the world to give two-hour shows without saying a word ! His most famous character is that of Bip, a sweet dreamer with a face made up in white. Thanks to the precision of their gestures and the expressions of their faces, mimes tell stories understandable by all humans, whatever their languages.

Mime Marceau

A friendship with Mickael Jackson

It was at the age of 13 that Mickael Jackson discovered the work of mime Marceau and his « Marche contre le vent », his famous movement which later inspired the famous « Moonwalk ». Mickael Jackson had shown his admiration for the king of mime and had become friends. In 1995, Le mime Marceau and Mickael Jackson appeared together in front of the cameras, performing some mime moves together. A project linking them was in the air but it never saw the light of day due to Marcel Marceau’s health problems.

Mime Marceau and Mickael Jackson

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