Haute Couture” pays tribute to the beauty of the Dior seamstresses’s work and Nathalie Baye embodies the first workshop within the Dior fashion house.

The daily life of the women in the shadow

The daily life of these women working with their fingertips on exceptional clothes is the subject of Haute Couture, the second movie by French writer Sylvie Ohayon, who became a director by adapting her first novel, Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone, to the cinema. in 2014. Ten years ago, she accompanied a pregnant friend who went to Chanel for the alterations of her wedding dress, it is at this moment that she discovers the work of the seamstresses and that she decides to do so. make the subject of his next film.

Haute-couture movie

From Chanel to dior

Finally, it is the flagship of French haute couture, Dior that she chooses to evoke, “a reference that speaks to everyone”. Upon reading the script, the house grants her the right to use the name and image of Mr. Dior. She also lends some dresses, materials and fabrics for the decorations. The story takes place at Dior, the main character, Esther, participates in her last haute couture collection before retiring. One day, she has her bag stolen in the subway by a young woman called Jade. But the latter, taken with remorse, decides to give her back her property. Seduced in spite of herself by the young girl’s daring and convinced that she has a gift, Esther offers her the chance to join the workshops of the Dior house as an apprentice. The opportunity to pass on to Jade a profession that has always been practiced for the beauty of the gesture … The feature film, scheduled for theatrical release on November 17, is worn by Nathalie Baye, straight, elegant and rigorous, on screen and in life. If fashion interests the French actress little, the work of these shadow women who promote the studio has fascinated her.


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