To play the prodigy musician Clara Haskil, director Safy Nebbou has chosen Laetitia Casta, in which she is the leading solo role.

The life of a piano legend

Based on a text by Serge Kribus, director Safy Nebbou wanted to bring one of the 20th century piano legends of the twentieth century: Clara Haskil back to life for a performance. The pianist is embodied by fashion and theater icon Laetitia Casta. Currently at the Théâtre de l’Odéon in Marseille, the play entitled “Clara Haskil, Prélude et Fugue” is not just a biopic but is a very musical spectacle. Indeed, pianist Isil Bengi accompanies the actress from her instrument.

laetitia casta clara haskill

A genius according to Charlie Chaplin

“Among my friends,” said Charlie Chaplin, “I have known three geniuses: Professor Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Clara Haskil”. In 1960, the day before the concert, Clara Haskil has just had a fall in an escalator at Brussels station. The pianist, at the height of her glory, sees her childhood home in fire in Bucharest, then her entire life. In a chiseled text, meticulous score, the author Serge Kribus brings out the voices of the child, the accomplished artist and those around him. Director and director, Safy Nebbou discovers the interpretations and the life of Clara Haskil. He immediately identifies the pianist’s extreme grace and sensitivity with actress Laetitia Casta, who told him of her desire to return to the theater, to risk it on her own. By evoking certain chosen moments in the life of the pianist, Safy Nebbou has built a mirror effect between the pianist and Laetitia Casta who have, according to him, “a lot of things in common and mainly all the moments of doubt and loneliness experienced by these people. two women”.

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