Etienne Daho, icon of French song, is celebrating his 40th anniversary of career this year and is taking the opportunity to release a new title with an evocative name: Virus X.

A mix of French song and electro

With this new title, Virus X, Étienne Daho keeps an electro side, but revives a little more with the French song. The king of French pop delivered a very astute text in this song comparing the pandemic to a toxic romantic relationship of ‘where the X which is pronounced EX in English. A funk, dancing texture, disco limit calibrated to give the peach.

etienne daho song

A prestigious gift

A new hit for the man who is celebrating his 40 years of career this year, with the anniversary of the release of his first album, Mythomane, published in 1981. And to celebrate that, Etienne Daho will receive a prestigious gift: the Académie Française has just presented him with the Great French Song Medal, in order to reward him for all of his work. A distinction as honorary as it is rare, since it was previously awarded to Barbara, Charles Aznavour, Alain Souchon and Françoise Hardy. A sacred recognition, which shows the impact of Etienne Daho on French song.

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