Choco Story is a museum dedicated to the history and making of chocolate. The museum is modern and informative, for parents and children. We travel around the place to discover the history of chocolate through illustrations, objects from the past and videos.

The history of chocolate

The museum traces more than 4,000 years of cocoa and chocolate history in words, images and flavors. The museum plunges visitors into the fabulous world of chocolate and takes them on a thrilling adventure through time, to be experienced intensely, all the senses awakened. Beyond the historical aspect, the museum also details the methods of making chocolate, the ingredients used and the evolution of its manufacture over the centuries.

chocolate museum paris

Discover the secrets of chocolate makers

At the end of the course we attend a demonstration around chocolate. Workshops for children provide an introduction to the secrets of chocolate makers. At the exit, you can drink hot chocolate by choosing its aroma. A great idea for a visit during the Christmas holidays, the museum is currently offering workshops “making chocolate Christmas trees and Santa Claus”.

chocolate museum paris

Choco story

28 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle

75010 Paris

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