Juliette Armanet released a new album on November 19. Named “Brûler le feu“, it should set the dancefloors on fire !

200,000 albums sold

Is Juliette Armanet a dangerous arsonist? Rest assured, in “Brûler le feu“, the singer only blows on the embers of love and the dancefloor. After “Petite Amie”, her first album released in 2017, which became double platinum with more than 200,000 albums sold, Juliette Armanet quickly became an essential singer of the young French artistic scene. Yet nothing destined Juliette Armanet to become a star of the song. At 37, she has already had several lives. After studying literature and theater, she worked as a documentary director, then as a journalist for criminal programs to finally return to her first passion: music !

juliette armanet new album

A more danceable album

For this album, both dancing and placid, Juliette Armanet surrounded herself with renowned producers like SebastiAn (who produced titles by Philipp Katerine, Charlotte Gainsbourg or even Frank Ocean. After a long period of uncertainty where the concert halls were empty because of the Covid 19,, Juliette Armanet felt the deep need to transmit in her songs the disproportionate energy that she discovered on stage, during festivals and in contact with the public. feu is therefore an openly more danceable album, where the melodious score is regularly transcended by the arrival of electro sounds as in The Last Day of Disco or Tu Me Play, but also by lyrical flights where the violins mingle with a lively beat. like in Boom Boom Baby or Save my life.

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