Want to visit an atypical place in paris? Visit the sewers! It may seem crazy idea but the musée des égouts de Paris (Sewers museum) is most interesting !. After three years of closure for renovation work, he proposes to discover 500 meters of sewers under the capital.

Six meters under Paris

Dive six meters deep under the streets of the capital. This is what the Paris Sewer Museum offers. After three years of closure for renovations, the Sewer Museum reopened on Saturday. Visitors can walk 500 meters of tunnels under the capital. During the tour, visitors can discover the history of the Parisian sewer network through interactive panels and touch screens. Multimedia animations also make it possible to follow the path of the water used during a shower, for example. Visitors wander under Paris and can find their bearings with the street signs that correspond to what it is above them.

the sewers of paris

The museum employees are sewer workers themselves

An average of 145,000 cubic meters of water pass under the feet of visitors every day. A chronological timeline allows us to explain the evolution of the development of the Parisian sanitation network, as well as the sanitary challenges of the time which forced the construction of such an underground network. Some of the 14 museum employees are sewer workers themselves. They are responsible for guiding visitors and providing commentary on visits. From video testimonials broadcast during the visit, some of them tell about their work and the complex maintenance of the Parisian sewer network. The construction of a dummy sewer makes it possible to take the place of the 270 sewer workers who work every day for the Parisian network.

Musée des égouts de Paris,

Pont de l’Alma

75009 Paris

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