She is one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, although her talent has only been recognized too recently: Vivian Maier is at the heart of the Musée du Luxembourg exhibition, which runs from September 15, 2021 to January 16. 2022.

A full scope of Vivian Maier’s art

Vivian Maier’s career (New York, 1926 – Chicago, 2009) is atypical, yet it is that of one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. It is at the heart of American society, in New York from 1951 and in Chicago from 1956, that this nanny meticulously observes this urban fabric which already reflects the great social and political changes in its history. This is the time of the American dream and overexposed modernity, the back of which is the very essence of Vivian Maier’s work. The exhibition thus makes it possible to grasp the full scope of this great artist’s work and to place her work in the history of photography.

vivian maier exhibition

More than 120 000 photos found in 2007

More than 120,000 photos, super 8 and 16mm films, various recordings, scattered photographs, and a multitude of undeveloped films found in 2007. Vivian Maier did not achieve fame during her lifetime and yet her work rivals that of Helen Levitt, Robert Frank or Diane Arbus. An anonymous photographer and filmmaker, his many reels and films were not found until after his death. The Luxembourg Museum exhibits around 120 photos classified into six sections: self-portraits, street scenes, portraits, childhood, shapes, color photos; all illustrating his Street Photography style.

vivian maier exhibition in Paris

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