We all know the career of Lully, Louis XIV’s favorite music composer, but do you know how he died ?

Too ugly to give Italian lessons

Lully was born in Florence in 1632. He was 13 when he was noticed by the Duke of Guise, passing through Tuscany, who took him to France. There, he was hired by Louis XIV’s cousin, the Grande Mademoiselle, to give him Italian lessons. Having said that, finding him too ugly, she finally sends him to the kitchens. He could have spent his life working in the kitchen, but fate decided otherwise. Because the Grande Mademoiselle loves music. She even has her orchestra. And very quickly, sympathetic, and naturally gifted for music, Lully attracts the attention of the great composers who pass by there. With them he learned to dance, play and compose. So much so that the Grande Mademoiselle called him back upstairs.


The fatal conductor wand

Louis XIV in turn discovered Lully’s talent. The king, who is very young, loves to dance, it is his favorite sport. He calls Lully to train him. And to compose ballets that put it on stage. Lully was the first, in one of his shows, to attribute the role of the sun to the king. Between these two, a mutual admiration is born. one day Lully, during a concert, beat the music with his conductor wand, passionately, he waves his wand up and down. Stronger and stronger. And there: drama. He literally crashes the stick in his foot. He was in terrible pain. Her doctor advised him to cut him toe to avoid infection, but Lully refused. He will die of widespread gangrene.

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