Hard to believe, but Paris hides in its basements … a bunker ! A place as chilling as it is intriguing.

Under Gare de l’Est

It is precisely under tracks 3 and 4 of Gare de l’Est that this place is hidden. And this since 1939 ! Former place of control of the trains of the station, it was also used to ensure a secret communication with the other stations of the city. The 170 m² place is still intact. It is accessed through a locked hatch, placed on one of the tracks of the Paris-Est station.

bunker of Paris
Copyright : Diane Dufraisy Couraud

A chilling experience

After a flight of steps, the visitor arrives at a completely sealed door which leads to a space then a second door of the same ilk. This is a decontamination airlock. In fact, the 110 m2 facility was specially built to cope with air attacks, in particular the gas which raged during the First World War and strongly affected the public authorities. Are you ready for a chilling experience? Today the Bunker belongs to the SNCF which opens its doors from time to time, but it’s a must do!

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