Claude Lelouch is releasing his 50th movie, “Love is better than life” next week, which should end his successful career.

A last love story

For this dramatic comedy, Claude Lelouch is interested in what he sums up under the “three A’s”, namely love, friendship and money, which, for him, are the “three main concerns of ‘humanity”. The starting point of the film, with the choral casting, centers on Gérard (Gérard Darmon), Ary (Ary Abittan) and Philippe (Philippe Lellouche). The three of them got to know each other 20 years ago, when they got out of prison, and immediately asked themselves the real question: What if honesty is the best trick? Today, they are inseparable. But Gérard learns that he suffers from an incurable disease. Knowing that he is doomed, Ary and Philippe want to give him his last love story because Gérard has always said that love is better than life.

claude lelouch movie love is better than life

Claude Lelouch’s last movie

And as usual, Claude Lelouch was able to convince many movie stars to participate in this cinematographic adventure. Thus, in the cast of “L’Amour is better than life”, we find Sandrine Bonnaire, Gérard Darmon, Ary Abittan, Philippe Lellouche, Kev Adams, Elsa Zylbesrtein, Béatrice Dalle, Clémentine Célarié and Robert Hossein. At 84, Claude Lelouch announced that “Love is better than Life, would be his last movie. Its release is scheduled for January 19, 2022.

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