In this new single, Stromae evokes malaise and suicidal tendencies. A piece staged in a sober but poignant video.

Stromae almost committed suicide

The video begins in close-up, on Stromae’s closed eyelids. Then they open, revealing the singer’s gaze. The camera moves away little by little and at the end, we can only see its silhouette, in the distance, until an eye appears and closes again. Stromae co-directed the video, with his brother Luc Van Haver, his wife Coralie Barbie and Julien Soulier. The 36-year-old musician speaks head-on here about his suicidal thoughts and the depression he has gone through since the release of his previous album. Stromae unveiled this Wednesday the clip of L’Enfer, a track taken from his next album, Multitude, expected on March 4, 2022. A striking piece in which the Belgian artist evokes malaise and suicidal tendencies.

stromae music video
Stromae’s new video

A media stunt

Stromae had created the surprise with a perfectly controlled media stunt. While answering Anne-Claire Coudray‘s questions on the set of TF1’s 8pm newscast, Stromae revealed the text of this song L’Enfer for the first time, without taking his eyes off the camera. Seen by some 7 million viewers in front of their TV the same evening, the sequence has now reached 5.3 million views on the channel’s Twitter account and nearly 4 million on the artist’s YouTube channel. A good bet that the clip unveiled this Wednesday, January 12 should also record records.

stromae music video

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