How about dining in the “temple of exceptional meat” in a splendid setting from the Art Nouveau era, this is what the Beefbar restaurant in Paris offers, voted the most beautiful historic restaurant in the world !

The famous Kobe Beef

It has long been the “Fermette Marbeuf” and people came there to taste a snail puff pastry or a Grand Marnier soufflé, the two house specialties. Today, the place, completely restored, is called the Beefbar and offers meats from all over the world including the famous certified Kobe beef, but continues to delight us with its superb Art Nouveau decoration !

beefbar the best steakhouse of Paris
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The most beautiful historic restaurant in the world

With the huge glass roof from 1898 that completely covers its large room and its spring colors, the place is magnificent and bucolic. On its walls, we admire a reproduction of Botticelli, which takes us back to the time of the Italian Renaissance, the Beek bar has been voted the most beautiful historic restaurant in the world! This steakhouse owes its success to a direct supply of the best meats in the world cooked between grill and luxury street food. The Beefbar in the 8th arrondissement of Paris thus has a marble meat cellar, a cocktail bar, tables round as well as muffled lights.

Beefbar Paris

5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris

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