From February 18, this new journey will immerse you in the intimate turmoil of Paul Cezanne. Along the parks and gardens where bathers rest, under the large foliage of trees and forests…

An introspective journey

Through a thematic, intimate and introspective journey, the immersive exhibition reveals the intimate turmoil of Paul Cezanne, the strength of his constructions, his relationship to light and colors and his link with nature, which remains his great model, his reference. obsessive. You are immersed in nature, under the large foliage of trees and forests, parks and gardens where bathers rest to finish on the Cezanne nature par excellence His painting is also of a deep and complete sincerity, maintaining the uncertainty, the passion.

Paul Cezanne exhibition in Paris
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The unique vision of Cezanne

We admire, in the inimitable style of the artist, his wild forests, his parks and his gardens in which he installs bathers, but also the country houses, the towns and villages of the South, the still lifes which catch his eye. .. Paul Cézanne transmits his passion and his vision of what surrounds him through the bright colors, the large marked brushstrokes and the compositions always in motion.

Paul Cezanne – Atelier des Lumières

38 rue Saint-Maur,

75011 Paris

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