La Poste du Louvre, this historic building, closed during 7 years will give way to a real living space that will appeal to Parisians and tourists.

The only French post office open seven days a week

It was the only French post office open seven days a week, day and night. Closed since 2015, the building was inaugurated on Monday with great fanfare. This building has something to seduce Parisians and tourists. In fact, in addition to the historic Post Office which is back next week, the place now unveils shops, social housing, a nursery, office spaces and services and a hotel which has already opened its doors in October, with a restaurant. , a rooftop bar, and a green terrace.

louvre post office

Hotel, restaurants and a cocktail bar

Some 140 million euros were needed to restructure the building, imagined from its creation by the architect Julien Guadet in 1886. In addition to social housing, the place includes a 5 * hotel. The hotel retains the architecture of the building dating from the 19th century, at least for the ground floor. Because once the elevator has been taken and the floors up, Madame Rêve, installed on the fourth and fifth floors of the building, takes her guests to the 21 st century. Composed of 82 rooms and suites offering different views of the capital, half of which have a balcony, Madame Rêve also has a cocktail bar and two restaurants. One offering a Mediterranean menu, the other, a panoramic restaurant with a breathtaking view called Plume, with Japanese influences.

louvre post office

An ecological post office

Regarding the post office, there are no more counters. Indeed, everything is done with automatons but spaces are all the same in the program to help you in your steps. In the basement, 2,000 m2 of parking space accommodates electric vehicles loaded with mail and from which cargo bikes will leave for distribution to their recipients. This in order to respect the ecological traffic measures decreed in the center of the city by the municipality.

Louvre Post office

16 Rue Étienne Marcel, 75002 Paris

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