Besides the fact that it is the narrowest street in Paris, the “rue du chat qui peche “astonishes by its name, what is it hiding ?

The narrowest street in Paris

The “rue du Chat-qui-Pêche” is very old since it was opened in 1540, its main characteristic is its narrowness. With a minimum width of 1.80 meters, it is presented as the narrowest street in the capital. But what is most intriguing about this street, is its name “Chat-Qui-Pêche” (fishing cat)? Why such a name for a street ? An ancient legend says that a monk once lived here in the company of a black cat with proverbial agility: with a stroke of his paw, he caught street fish.

rue du chat qui peche, the narrowest street of Paris
The narrowest street of Paris

A mysterious monk

Monk Dom Perlet indulging in alchemy, three students saw the mark of the devil. Convinced that the man and the cat were one, they decided to kill the cat and throw it into the Seine. The alchemist disappeared, seeming to confirm their ideas … But he reappeared a little later, having had to be absent for a trip. As for the cat ? One fine morning he was seen fishing in the river again as if nothing had happened ! Paris is full of amazing stories.

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