La Samaritaine sends us into space with its completely new 360° immersive experience ! From January 26 until February 14, 2022, fly to the stars for free with Sound Journey to space.

In the shoes of an astronaut

Do you want to immerse yourself in the shoes of an astronaut and experience the sensations of a rocket takeoff ? Then head to La Samaritaine : the famous Parisian brand offers us a unique and free immersive experience, to be experienced from January 26 to February 14. 2022. For three minutes, leave this terrestrial reality, and let yourself be amazed by Sound Journey to space, a Devialet cosmic experience, in partnership with Ariane Group. For the very first time, put yourself in the shoes of an astronaut and experience new sensations: this immersive 360 ​​experience makes us feel the same sensations as taking off aboard a rocket into space !

An unprecedented experience

ArianeGroup, European leader in space launchers, and Devialet, flagship of French tech operating at the intersection of luxury and advanced acoustic technology, are teaming up to offer dreamers around the world an unprecedented experience, around the monumental sound emitted from the takeoff of an Ariane rocket. Convinced that “everyone should be able to experience the emotion of a rocket launch at least once in their life”, the two entities thus imagined an immersive 360° visual and sound installation. To transcribe this thrill in the most authentic way possible, a Devialet engineer went to Kourou in August 2019 to record the sound of the takeoff of the 249th flight of an Ariane rocket, “the most powerful ever generated by the man “.

la samaritaine sound journey to space
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The Cube

The engineers of the two teams then jointly developed the Cube, a soundproof box equipped with 8 Phantom I loudspeakers, responsible for restoring “life-size” the force, vibrations and crackling of the launch. Since its long-awaited reopening, the smallest of the department stores intends to continue to A unique journey, which promises to put stars in the eyes of young and old children, to experience at the Samaritaine in preview !

La Samaritaine

 9 Rue de la Monnaie, 75001 Paris

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