For this Valentine’s Day 2022, Maison Philippe Conticini unveils “Mon Chouchou“, a very gourmet tart to share with your other half.

Flavours with childhood memories

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the famous pastry chef unveils “Mon chouchou”, a praline tart to share with his significant other. This exceptional tart unveils its flavors with childhood memories and comforting, by placing the peanut at the heart of this creation. Whipped with peanut paste and almond-inspired chocolate from Varlona is delicately poached in chocolate ganache. At the heart of this splendid creation: a sweet cocoa paste, a peanut duja, two ganaches and a chocolate heart. For an explosion of flavors in the mouth, caramelized roasted peanuts top this splendid delicacy.

philippe conticini valenteine day cake

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