The French duo Polo and Pan is the author of the summer 2021 hit “Ani Kuni“, it has also won the ears of American music lovers.

A Native American nursery rhyme

The French electro duo Polo & Pan. Their title Ani Kuni, taken from their album Cyclorama released in June, has accumulated 5 million views on YouTube and no less than 12 million plays on Spotify alone. A dancing song, carried by a choir of children, and for good reason: Ani Kuni is originally a Native American nursery rhyme.”Ani Kuni is a nursery rhyme that dates back more than 1400 years and which today belongs to several Native American communities that have different translations for this song”, explains Paul Armand-Delille.

Polo and  Pan

A big tour in the USA

Polo & Pan sold twice as many copies of “Caravelle”, its first album released in 2017, abroad than in France : 170,000 elsewhere compared to 80,000 here. In the end, their success is not so surprising: an exotic French touch with electronic accents, an invitation to travel and an album that crosses borders without too much difficulty. In 2019, the two DJs toured thirty dates in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including a final in front of 10,000 people at a festival in Mexico City, and finished in the top 3 of the most exported French live behind “Piaf! The Show” and Zaz. As worthy heirs of a “made in France” electronic pop such as Daft Punk, Air and Phoenix, Polo & Pan prove a great ability to export French music.

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