Raphaël offers a new show this year. More than a concert, “Bande Magnétique“, to be seen from March 17 to 27, 2022 at the Bouffes du Nord, is a show in its own right in which the singer stages, revisits and explains his songs.

More than a concert

Raphaël released his 9th studio album, Haute Fidélité, in march last year. A magnificient album with a duet with Clara Luciani. Rather than a simple concert to present this latest album live, Raphaël has chosen to design a show in its own right. A show that he defines as follows: “I have always dreamed of offering something other than a concert, eternal geography of the singer and his accompanying group, the idea of ​​”magnetic tape” is to revisit all these songs, from different periods from the original studio tracks laid bare, re-orchestrated live and sent to tape recorders by a rather special sound engineer who would intimately know the context of these songs, the true, the false, would have access to information that he cannot yet know, not depriving himself of sharing it, allowing a mise en abyme as amusing as it is disturbing.”

singer Raphaël
Raphaël in his last video

A freedom of tone

The device is very whimsical, it offers a great freedom of tone, the possibility of questioning our intimate relationship with popular culture, with the romanticism of the songs that cross our lives, but also to be sometimes ironic on the place of the singer. This device also and above all opens up the possibility of a real concert which will be the heart of this show.

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