After the tremendous success of “Culottés” (765,000 copies sold), crowned by an Eisner Award in the USA, Pénélope Bagieu is the most popular comic book illustrator in France.

pénélope bagieu

Popular thanks to a blog

 Pénélope Bagieu was born in Paris in 1982, and became popular thanks to her blog, where she recounts in humor and images a thousand and one little things of her daily life. The blog, entitled “Ma vie est completement fascinante” (My Life is Completely Fascinating), has a huge audience (60,000 visitors per day). Simple phenomenon of blogosphere ? No, because Pénélope, a graduate of the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, but also of the Central Saint Martins School, a prestigious art school in London, has as many desires as there are strings to her bow. She therefore participates in numerous advertising campaigns, designs lingerie collections, while animating, for the magazine Fémina, the character of Joséphine, which will be published in albums by Éditions Jean-Claude Gawsewitch.

pénélope bagieu comics

New albums

Pénélope Bagieu then launches into a long story, Cadavre exquis, where we find what has become her mark: uncompromising humor, a modern and charming universe, all carried by a drawing all in roundness and elegance, identified able among all. Success is on the way. In early 2012, she signed a new album, this time four hands with her friend Boulet: La Page blanche, published by Delcourt. It is both critical and public consecration.

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