Debongout, a decoration shop in Paris, was born from a simple desire: to offer collections of new and vintage pieces to consume more responsibly and in search of unique pieces, objects that tell a story.

debongout paris

A unique concept

Claire Leblond-Faure launched her unique concept in 2019. Debongoût becomed an e-shop where you can buy new things, produced in small quantities (armchairs, crockery, stools, rugs, etc.), as well as pieces found by Claire and her team in flea markets and garage sales in the hexagon. This new showroom invites those who prefer to see the products in real life before deciding on a perfect mix of old and contemporary, all within a reasonable budget given the quality and infinite character of the trinkets and furniture.

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Affordable prices

Debongout was thus born with the desire to make the task easier, to find unique pieces whether they are antique, new or handcrafted and which correspond to the way we consume today, more responsible and research unique pieces. Debongout is therefore regular capsule collections, inspired by moments of life such as a winter evening with friends, a Sunday morning or even a summer lunch, those moments when you feel good and where you wants to be surrounded by pretty things. Each collection contains few pieces to allow exclusivity on the product but with an always accessible price because today good taste is no longer a luxury.

home decor paris

Showroom Debongout, opening by appointment by phone.

4 rue Martel Building C left

75010 Paris, France 06 40 64 44 76

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