Edmond is a restaurant located on the heights of Montmartre that takes you back in time by showcasing the gastronomy of the early 1900s.

restaurant with a view of montmartre

A must in Montmartre

The rooftop of the Terrass” Hotel is a must in Montmartre. This trendy hotel attracts Parisians for a day and always partly thanks to this rooftop terrace which overlooks the capital from the Montmartre hill. Nestled on the 7th floor of the hotel, the Edmond restaurant offers a menu of great classics of French cuisine revisited. Dishes that everyone knows brought up to date, comforting and convivial dishes. Its Chef Julien Goriot offers an inventive and uninhibited cuisine, an instinctive cuisine to please. Settling at Edmond means indulging in a gourmet experience, in a chic and intimate setting while enjoying an exceptional panorama of the Parisian sky.

edmond restaurant

A cuisine that takes you back in time

This sublime view and this festive atmosphere do not prevent the Terrass” Hotel from renewing itself. Now, the rooftop unveils Edmond, its new restaurant concept with Julien Goriot at the helm ! The young chef, who stands out for his instinctive cuisine , now offers us a gastronomy to go back in time. A veritable ode to the Parisian way of life, the Terrass” Hotel is at the crossroads between historic Paris and that of today. Edmond now completes the experience with a menu that plunges us in the cuisine of the early 1900s !


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