The Luxembourg actress is nominated on the occasion of the great ceremony of French cinema for her role in “Serre-moi fort”, by Mathieu Amalric.

The revelation of the year

She was the revelation of Phantom Thread, a movie that she illuminated with her presence. Vicky Krieps is definitely one of the actresses who will count this year, with no less than three feature films in theaters this year, and a lot of filming on the way, including the big-budget French film The Three Musketeers. Luxembourg actress Vicky Krieps is on the list of nominations for the 47th French Cinema Ceremony The actress is nominated in the “Best Actress” category for her role in the film “Serre-moi fort” by Mathieu Amalric. The feature film is also nominated in the “Best Adaptation” category. The film is an adaptation of Claudine Galéa’s play, “I come back from afar”.

vicky krieps

In competition with Léa Seydoux

Vicky Krieps plays a 40-year-old woman who abandons her husband and their two children overnight, without a word of explanation, to take off for a new life. If the appointment of the 38-year-old Luxembourg actress is not a big surprise, the competition will be tough since she will be competing with Virginie Efira (“Benedetta”), Leïla Bekhti (“Les intranquilles”), Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (“La fracture”), Valérie Lemercier (“Aline”), Léa Seydoux (“France”) and Laure Calamy (“A woman of the world”), who had received a César in 2021 for her performance in “Antoinette in the Cévennes “. On February 25, the ceremony will be chaired by screenwriter and director Danièle Thompson. As for the animation, it will be provided by Antoine de Caunes, a great regular at the exercise.

vicky krieps serrre moi fort

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