Did you know that France is the country in the world that has the richest past in the history of prestidigitation ? Le musée de la magie is an unusual museum which presents a unique collection around the world of magic.

The universe of unreal

Welcome to the lair of magic! The visitor enters the universe of the unreal. The Museum of Magic, created in 1993 by George Proust is an incredible place that brings together everything related to magic art, conjuring, illusionism from the 18th century to now. In the seven rooms of the museum, the visitor discovers an important collection of magic objects: magic wands, secret boxes, magicians’ hats… but also posters, engravings and old objects witnessing the history of magicians. Several rooms offer optical illusions and distorting mirrors, showcases displaying equipment used by illusionists since the 17th century (large illusions, posters, automata) as well as numerous paying machines used by showmen.

musée de la magie paris

Many surprises during the visit

Many surprises await the visitor along the route, including permanent shows for the enjoyment of young and old. Another museum is to be discovered at the same address: the Museum of Automata, where more than 100 automatons welcome the curious. A small shop is still the occasion for a last series of demonstrations. The Georges-Proust Academy of Magic broadcasts its creations there. And to impress your friends, a school of magic offers courses all year round.

musée de la magie paris

Musée de la Magie

11 Rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris


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