Nominated for the next Victoires de la Musique, singer Clara Luciani went to a market like a president on a presidential campaign, trying to convince the French to vote for her.

clara luciani

Clara Luciani in campaign

Nominated for the next Victoires de la Musique in four categories, Clara Luciani will be in the running for female artist of the year, album of the year with her second opus Cœur, original song for Respire encore and audiovisual creation with the title The rest. These last two categories being subject to the votes of the public, the singer did not hesitate to create the event by campaigning in the streets and more particularly on a market in order to go in search of voters. “Vote Clara” then chants the young woman dressed in a cap on which is written “Make Clacla great again”.

A hilarous video

A hilarious video during which the star does not hesitate to give of himself to convince passers-by of his talents as a singer. Clara Luciani clearly gave of herself because it required some effort from her, as she admitted: “it was all shot before 10 a.m….” But she made no impasse, discussing with the market gardener or flattering the paella cooks, going from stand to stand to distribute tracks like a motivated candidate.

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