Want to dive back into childhood ? An ephemeral museum, Barba’Muz is entirely dedicated to cotton candy will soon open its doors in Paris !


A multi-sensory experience

Discover an ephemeral multi-sensory experience that brings back to life the sweetest dreams and memories of your childhood ! A real experience that takes you back to childhood, ideal for young and old alike. And what better than cotton candy to bring back good memories ? Thought like a deliciously psychedelic sweet world, the Barba’ Muz is a popup museum like no other. Here, during a most unusual journey, get ready to discover unique colorful installations, for a journey punctuated with surprises that will undeniably bring you back to childhood. Pools with colored balls, cottony walls, forest of flowers, sweet smells, light and dreamlike music… It is a universe dedicated to dreams that awaits you at !

Barba’ Muz.

104 Av. Kleber, 75116 Paris

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